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Kinky Dreamin'
Check me out, posting something of relevance. See? I keep my promises. =D

I honestly have no idea how this turned into what it did. So anyways.... this is my very first Rorschach(Walter)/Silk Spectre story. Con crit is greatly appreciated. =)

Summary: Pre-Roche, and Pre-Keene Act. Walter has kinky dreams about Silk Spectre II and Rorschach's all like, "HOW DARE YOU HAVE NATURAL URGES!"

So, remember kids: "What would Rorschach do?" (WWRD?) Answer: He would totally cockblock you.

Shameless Dreaming

This is probably the one thing she's better at than he is. Probably the only time she's got the advantage over him.

Not that it's something to be proud of. Walter sits in a chair while Laurie starts to lean over him. She's in her super-hero Silk Spectre costume; the one he does not approve of. Still, he's somewhat amazed, though a little put off by the fact that her super-hero uniform provides less protection than her ordinary everyday clothes.

It also leaves almost nothing to the imagination. Not that Walter, no Rorschach even has an imagination that will take him there. No, he has much more control and decency than that.

Which is probably why Rorschach’s getting extremely frustrated with his alter ego.

It feels like a class, something along the lines of “Ignoring Natural Urges 101.” Rorschach passes with flying colors. Walter, on the other hand, is struggling. Still, he does have more self-control than any other man (except for his admirable alter ego) would have in this situation.

This is the final exam, and all Kovacs needs to do is push her away and let her know that he’s not interested. Rorschach also decides that a quick lecture on how horrendous and inappropriate her outfit is would be a nice touch.

Instead, Kovacs reaches up, nervously putting his hands on her hips.

No.” Beside him, a few feet away, Rorschach immediately scolds this gesture. Obediently, but reluctantly, Walter removes his hands, and instead uses them to grip the chair legs.

Well, that’s a start, but it’s not enough for Rorschach.

Silk Spectre doesn’t even notice that Rorschach is there. Either that, or she’s simply ignoring his presence. She keeps on tempting Kovacs, gently kissing his jawline. He throws his head back, exposing his throat. Immediately, she goes for the sensitive Adam’s apple, running her lips and teeth and tongue across it. Kovacs makes no noise save for labored breathing, but closes his eyes and does nothing to stop her.

“Disgusting,” Rorschach scolds once more. “What would Miss Jupiter say if she knew you were degrading her in your sleep?”

Walter’s eyes open again and there’s a look of guilt on his face. For a split second, Rorschach is relieved. Surely, now he will refuse her advances.

Silk Spectre is getting more aggressive, now. She nibbles his ear gently and straddles him in the chair, one leg on either side. Slowly, her hands slide up the wifebeater. Walter’s breathing is shallow, as though she’s violently pounding her fists into him and not gently stroking him.

“Stop her.” Rorschach demands. Suddenly it’s her fault: the way she dresses, the way she moves, the way she touches.

Walter lets go of the chair legs and grips her shoulders tenderly, pushing her back a bit.

He wakes up in his pathetic excuse for an apartment, sweating in bed. His heart pounds so furiously, it feels as though the organ is punishing his ribcage. In fact, he still feels her hands on his ribcage, caressing him under the wifebeater...

No. Those sort of thoughts aren’t allowed. As a wordless apology to Rorschach, Kovacs rolls out of bed, pulls on his mask, pinstripe suit, and trenchcoat, and heads out to punish the scum of the earth.

Lust? What lust?


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