Kinky Dreamin'
Check me out, posting something of relevance. See? I keep my promises. =D

I honestly have no idea how this turned into what it did. So anyways.... this is my very first Rorschach(Walter)/Silk Spectre story. Con crit is greatly appreciated. =)

Summary: Pre-Roche, and Pre-Keene Act. Walter has kinky dreams about Silk Spectre II and Rorschach's all like, "HOW DARE YOU HAVE NATURAL URGES!"

So, remember kids: "What would Rorschach do?" (WWRD?) Answer: He would totally cockblock you.

Welcome to Suppressing Natural Urges 101. Rorschach is your professor.Collapse )

Guess what?
I'm gonna post something of relevance, soon. Just you wait! =)


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